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We create epic
e-Commerce for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

We are Coqtail.

The e-Commerce agency with a strong focus on the fashion and lifestyle industry. We are the 'one stop shop' for our clients by providing design, development, strategy, acceleration and photography in one agency. This is how we mix the perfect Coqtail.

Our team consists out of 16 humans, 2 dogs and 4 fish. (disclaimer: the dogs and fish will not work on your project)

Who we work for

  • Frederique Constant
  • Nubikk
  • Max Chocolatier
  • Paul Warmer (in progress)
  • Anna Nina (in progress)
  • Lindenhoff
  • Aaiko
  • Dpot
  • The Garment Club
  • Lois Jeans
  • Anecdote
  • Noosa Amsterdam
  • Royaums
  • Cars Jeans (in progress)
  • Ps Zoe
  • Studio Anneloes

We build jawdropping frontends, with powerful backends

Coqtail is a team that knows e-Commerce. Not just a bunch of developers blasting out codes. The development team is part of your project. You will meet the developers you will speak to the developers. The dev. team at Coqtail brings a serious game when they talk e-Commerce. Why are we succesful? It's not just because we develop with the most powerful and flexible shopping software. (SpreeCommerce).

It's because we love what we do and we focus on what makes your brand outstand the competition. A configurator or a special Point of Sale application we build it all! Our frontends are connected to our backend by the use of an API. This means. We can do anything without overcomplicating logic.


You need configurators, a completely new e-commerce concept, branding that needs to come alive.

Then this is you.

We work closely together to make sure all customer journeys are hit. We will work on your project for the next 4-6 months and will deliver the best e-Commerce experience for you and your customers.


Since 2018 we now also have a new way of delivering smiles. We work with a brand new developed framework where everyday components have been made to multiply. Which means: We can offer you a 'plug n play' solution to start selling your products with an amazing look and feel within 3 weeks. How?

Shoot an email and we will tell you everything! Or just call us and come for a coffee.


Simplicity and branding is the key to conversion

Fashion & lifestyle are the embodiments of good taste and creativity. Designing key ingredients for this industry is an everyday challenge. The design team at Coqtail have mastered the full spectrum of branding, creativity and conversion. By applying the latest design standards and extensive data driven customer journeys we are able to design highly converting webshops. That are beautiful enough to keep winning awards ;).

It is now possible to make use of the Coqtail Design Studio for your e-Commerce project. So if you are a development agency or a brand that already has their programmers on fleek. Then you can simply grab our designers to make sure your e-Commerce hits all the checkboxes.

Nominated for top 30 best studio's worldwide by Awwwards.com

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A new service to make sure you get the best out of your e-Commerce. With the EAP we help you increase value for your brand. The EAP is focussed on increasing online conversion, visitors and engagement. Digital advertising, affiliate marketing, on page optimizations, are just a few of the services we offer.

The EAP is for any brand running an e-Commerce. It’s a standalone service that Coqtail offers. (empowered by designers, photographers and developers in-house to help wherever needed ofcourse.) The EAP offers training for your e-Commerce managers so that with every strategic optimization we bring, the whole company grows.